The ElektronikEXPO

The interest in the exhibition has increased over the years and ElektronikEXPO has grown in number of exhibitors as well as visitors for each year. The Expo's primary target groups are engineers and technicians engaged in electronics, embedded systems, CAD, EMC, ESD, testing and measuring et cetera. In addition, the ElektronikEXPO has also been visited by persons not directly involved in these segments, but are responsible for procurement and project management.

In the Mälardalen region, which Västerås is a part of, there are many technology intensive enterprises. Major corporations such as ABB, Bombardier and Westinghouse are well established. Many smaller companies also have their own manufacturing, research and development in this segment. Västerås is located about 100 km west of Stockholm, and is easily accessible by car, train or airplane.

 The ambition of the exhibition during all the years has been to maintain the focus on electronics and embedded systems. As the technology is constantly evolving, there is a need for a natural meeting place for the exchange of experiences in this sector, where news and interesting topics is highlighted for designers, engineers and managers. The idea of ElektronikEXPO is that both visitors and exhibitors will be able to make valuable contacts in an easy and convenient way, over lunch, at the seminars and in the exhibition hall. To visit the exhibition is free of charge, and it is also served a complimentary lunch for all participants, giving the opportunity to meet up with visitors and continue the conversation over lunch.
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