Seminarieprogram Västerås 2019

Innofour - Polarion ALM (Application Lifecycle Management)
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Polarion is a software development framework made for collaboration, requirements management and reuse of code. It connects  project participants from all disciplines to collaborate with minimal schedule impact. The infrastructure based on Polarion GUI, Java, Apache, Postgresql and Subversion makes an environment for easy and at the same time controlled and documented interactions between people, organizations and applications. Polarion comes with a wide set of template for easy setup and, connectors for easy interaction with other applications like software test systems. Polarion is used successfully by in hundreds of project and companies of all sizes, implementing systems for IT, Medical, Industrial and many others.  This presentation will give an overview of how Polarion is used and how it works.
About the presenter
Yehoshua Shoshan is a technical area manager in InnoFour BV, the distribution channel of Mentor, Siemens, DfR Solutions and Omnify Software.